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National Transport and Safety Authority knee jerk reactions all the time many Kenyans die on the road, fails to address the real fundamental cause of record high road crash fatalities. The agency has developed a tendency of sweeping under the carpet government contributory negligence & failure a major factor in worrying road fatalities. The government only sees the speck in motorist’s eye but does not see the log in its own eye.  


NTSA Private Car Inspection Ill-advised

National Transport and Safety has failed once again. This time on intention to inspect private vehicles. As a representative body MAK in 2014 registered vehicle owners opposition to the draconian idea. The agency in total disregard to public plight intend again to force inspection of private vehicles, a transgression to privacy.

The aim of the unilateral decree is highly suspicious and obvious. It is anyone’s guess as to which sectors contribute to highest fatalities and serious injuries. Who can believe that private car owners (mostly white colour professionals) are more dangerous than the Boda boda and matatu category? Truth be told the agency has failed miserably in mandate to ensure safe roads (3 057 fatalities- 2015) but they are very good when it comes to revenue generation targeted at the already overburdened vehicle owner. From failed cashless PSV platform, corruption riddled inspection of commercial vehicles, flopped speed governors, unilateral policy formulation, failed interagency liaison, illegal erection of political bumps on highways to now unacceptable inspection of best self-regulated private vehicles the agency will have itself to blame for failing in its cardinal mandate to make roads safer.

Owning a car is a no mean achievement. If a private vehicle owner can afford a car, maintain it, fuel it, insure it, pay parking and runaway motor taxes and security, he doesn’t need someone to lecture of prefect him again on how to ensure their vehicles are safe and in good condition. Most private car owners are dignified professionals, good managers in their field of specialization; doctors, lawyers, lecturers, engineers, journalists, renowned business people name them, who are good managers in their own right. Belittling and talking down such persons in our middle and affluent classes is to underrate the country’s intelligence. Government agencies must now be stopped from going overboard to deny motorists their constitutional motoring freedoms in their unpersuasive guise of road safety.

The agency should come out clear that their intention for the inspection is purely an avenue to raise revenue and not road safety.

Insurance companies inspect condition of cars every year which is sufficient means to ascertain roadworthiness. Police also check vehicles they suspect to be un-roadworthy and that also works well.

At motorists association we are not going to sit a watch as our members are subjected to myriad illegal tax collection schemes. We shall go to any lengths be it judicial, political petitions, or even industrial action. 


KENHA Plan to Reintroduce Toll Roads unacceptable & Terribly Wrong

The intention to charge vehicle owners more to use public roads is unwise and unjustifiable. To reintroduce Toll Roads which were replaced by fuel levy paid upfront for every litre of fuel paid by motorists is wrong.

Currently taxes targeted at the vehicle owner are callously high. Therefore, within 21 days we shall meet to decide next cause of action to protect interest of registered members. 

Tolling a section of Kenyans for usage of public roads amounts to subjecting some sections of citizens to additional movement costs contrary to the Constitution which stipulates freedom of movement.

The toll charges will be pure double taxation.

The government should in the first place make good use of the money at its disposal which is being misused by present public private partnership road construction system riddled with ineptitude and graft.

The government should copy The People’s Republic of China model where construction companies are state owned thus cutting costs by half.

At Motorists Association of Kenya we shall never allow this prejudice.

We have written to Kenya National Highway Authority KeNHA the protest letter with ultimatum. 



County Government of Nairobi is once again wrong by unilaterally decreeing to fine motorists for offences of being caught on yellow boxes. The imaginary fines are illegal as they are nowhere in the statute books. The boxes are a new trap to raise revenue and graft more whose aim is to increase the misery of Nairobi residents on façade of decongesting the poorly planned town.


ERC Ordered to Lower Fuel Prices by Energy CS Charles Keter

The Cabinet Secretary has sided with motorists protesting Energy Regulation Commission failure to set local pump prices to reflect the huge fall in world crude prices. He faulted the calculations given as reason in arriving at the prices.  “Fixed figures used by ERC to calculate the allowed losses energy distributors get is a figure that is not actual on the ground” Said the Minister“It is ridiculous crude oil has gone down, yet price of petroleum products is still too high”  The Cabinet Secretary is the new Minister for Energy and Petroleum. He is reported to have refused to buy the excuses of not lowering prices in an introductory session and strategic discussion at ERC Hqs at Upperhill.The pricing is determined by narrow data instead of real market dynamics decisions. The Energy Cabinet Secretary warned ERC that he will not approve additional costs for energy.“I want you to know, I will not approve any additional amount that will have an impact on the consumers.”  “I ll fast track energy projects to make the country’s energy cost competitive to attract investors” He said.  Principal Secretary Joseph Njoroge promised in the meeting that, the ministry will support ERC to fix the factor correct pricing to meet real citizens price expectation.  The Minister now joins World Bank, Consumer Federation, Kenya manufacturers Motorists Association and other industry players in setting correct fuel prices. 


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