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Kenya Mpya accidents on Thika Road over time are caused by arrogance, bullying culture and love for speed. The governors do not work any longer since the vehicles beat cars which do 100Kph. Lets hope the protest by Thika Road users will see the management take safety seriously 


NTSA & Police Restricting Private Car Owners to Carry Passengers of Their Own Choice Wrong

We at Motorists Association of Kenya MAK wish to take this earliest opportunity to caution Traffic Police and National Transport and Safety Authority to stop interfering with motoring freedoms of private motorists. We are opposed to Traffic Commandant Announcement yesterday that they will only allow family passengers in private vehicles. Private motorists have constitutional rights




President Kenyatta on 23rd November 2015 in a press conference declared corruption which has thretened to make Kenya a failed State a National Security Threat.

Transport sector is one of the most notorious for the vice.

From road contractors cutting deals with engineers to do shoody roads, skewed traffic enforcement where bribe giving and taking is the order, cash bail scams, fake inspection of vehicles, alco blow and speed checks rampant corruption, counterfeits, importation scams, fuel adulteration, fake oils and greases, lack of paid for road furniture road signs, inflated road cost by con tractors the list is just endless... 



New Excise Duty for Cars & Fuel a Big Worry

The present administration is making the life of vehicle owners so difficult. The new Excise Duty for imported cars introduced by the National Treasury which increases duty on second hand vehicles is so punitive. This is because those who will suffer most are small car importers. A small car importer will now cough Kes 150 000 more. Duty that used to be around Kes 50 will now be Kes 200 000 plus all other earlier taxes especially VAT which is calculated at the excise aggregate figure. This will increase too, calculated at Kes 200.  Motorists Association fears this will affect transport of persons in the working class category. It is a pity that the government now targets motorists alone in its mission to raise funds for its bloated government illicit recurrent budget. One sector should not be forced to foot the expenditure of lavish lifestyles of political class alone. All Kenyans should be charged taxes uniformly. We are very sad and not happy with the government on this.

As an association with a big number of registered members we feel slighted again by the increase of petrol by Kes 10.3 and diesel Kes 3.7. This is callous double taxation. High taxes means vehicle owner plight has been ignored.  

 It's a high time to call upon the government to recheck its statistics and consider the plight of the common citizen by decreasing the high cost of living. The association also feels it’s unconstitutional to make changes of the budget at this time of the year especially failure to involve the public in budget formulation.

Motorists Association of Kenya



The National Transport and Safety Authority NTSA has released accident statistics where they errorneously blamed private motorists without giving proper specifications.

The vehicles listed as operating illegally are not private in the first place. Probox, Noah, and other seven seater have in the past been blamed for operating illegally by transporting passengers to and from various destinations. Failure to give specific names of types doing the alleged illegal business is tantamount to blaming the whole private motorists category. Private motorists mostly driving family, personal or company cars are known for thier safety records. Failure on the part of transport agency to do proper classification should not be used to give courteous drivers a bad name. 

Curiously the transport agency has not pointed out on psv indispline, motorcyclists where disregard of the rule of law has become the norm. 

Released by Motorists Association of Kenya

Signed By Felix Wekesa. 


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Our Contacts

Motorists Association of Kenya

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