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Quick Vehicle Repossession by Banks Uncalled for
The new aggressiveness by Banks to repossess vehicles from owners who are experiencing current economic crunch is callous and insensitive. The Bankers Association of Kenya should give defaulters flexible terms to repay loans since the hard economic times is beyond our control.  The bank ought to be patient and stop punishing vehicle owners since the hard economic times are temporary. Many contracts are yet to be serviced by government, county governments and private developers due to the political transition. The banks should understand this.  
Current Central Bank rating of 10.7 per cent late payments is not enough to cause the alarm from

Sale of the motor vehicles, makes owners lose deposits and earlier instalment made which is unfair and as an organization we ask the government to intervene. The loophole by Banks having the right to sell vehicles must not be misused to rob owners of their hard earned investments.


Nairobi Transport Challenge and the New Gazette Notice no. 4479 of 12th May 2017



To say that the transport sector in Nairobi is a mess can only be described as an understatement. This is a great shame since Nairobi is not only the capital city of Kenya but also an important international hub. As an organization we are for drastic changes being effected by Nairobi Governor and Ministry of Transport’s NAMATA, to ensure that the city under the sun regains its former glory and competes vibrantly with other major cities around the world.

On the road network, public transport has undoubtedly been the most chaotic. This is the way the sub-sector has been operating: -haphazard picking of commuters, dangerous driving practices, among other faults.
Moi Avenue, Tom Mboya, Race Course, Haile Selassie, Kenyatta Avenue among other major streets had been turned into one big bus station. Long lines of bumper to bumper matatus waiting to pick passengers for hours on end in front of shops has been the ­­most unprofessional way of picking commuters anywhere in the world. Sound pollution including but not limited to loud exhausts, blaring horns, touts shouting to compete for the few commuters (against so many vehicles) mugging/pickpocketing, gave the subsector a bad image. More can be done to end this common practice that has grown to unhealthy proportions. The Saccos, companies and operators in the sectors have deliberately failed to take the opportunity given by the government for too long to self-regulate. This failure is what has invited the government to intervene under the said Gazette Notice no. 4479 of 12th May 2017.



(Association broadcast)

Kenya National Highway Authority (KENHA)’s furtive attempts at privatisingKenya’s mainly international trunk roads is now a poignant reality. Road tolling (Pay & Use) is to be introduced on 4 already built major public highways for a total period of 80 years. Thika Superhighway 40Km, lease: 10 years, Southern Bypass 29Km, lease: 10 years, Mombasa-Nairobi highway 466Km, lease: 30 years. NBI (Rironi) - Nakuru- Mau Summit section 184Km, lease: 30years and second Nyali Bridge 2Km Mombasa, projected to cost 2 Billion. The amount required for the 5 roads 721Km is estimated at 307Billion. These roads will be managed at Ksh5/Km for 90 years. A brief look at the amounts involved is truly mind boggling:721Kilometres Total Toll roads x a toll charge of Ksh5x 1Kilometre= Ksh 3605 (one way) x 2 = Ksh 7210 (two way).

A motorist who does the 721 km circuit daily will pay Ksh 7210 x 1(1day) x 7(a week) x 4(a month)x 12(a year) x 90years = Ksh 218,030,400 

It is conservatively estimated that a total of 290,000 matatus, Lorries, cars, buses, pickups cover the 721 to be tolled kilometres one way. Therefore the same number doing a return journey would net our Public-private partners 290000 vehicles x 2 (two way) x Ksh 218, 030,400= More than Ksh 126 trillion. Divide this with the 307 billion 90year lease: 126000000000000/307000000000= 411.91411074918566775244299674267.Approximately 400% profit for our necessary partners!Thika road, for example, at aKsh 5 /km charge x 40km x 100000 vehicles per day x 2(round trip) x30x12x10years lease will be 14.4trillion.A trucker ferrying a container from the port of Mombasa to Mau summit via the Southern Bypass and back would pay, 466+29+184x5x2= Ksh6790, A NBI MSA bus/private motorist will pay 466kms x2x5=Kshs4660 

The government hopes to unlock Ksh 380 Billion annually x 90 years and get a total of Ksh 34.2Trillion for the development of new roads. 

As indicated in our recent press conference, MAK is totally opposed to Toll roads. Toll Roads were abolished in the 1980’s and replaced with Road Maintenance Fuel levy Fund at Ksh 18 paid upfront at the pump. Needless to say, a litre of petrol is charged Ksh 42 in taxes. The introduction of Toll Roads can only aggravate the pain of the already overburdened multiple taxpaying motorists.These roads, like others, were built with taxes and loans.This 18th-centurypractice of Tolling roads (Turnpikes) then was Build Operate and Transfer (BOT). The concessions were given to private investors with the objective of constructing urgently required roads and bridges where there were none and when governments could not meet the expense. This cannot be the case in Kenya where roads are already constructed. The practice has progressively become so unpopular that countries the world over are seeking more viable alternatives. For instance, the only Toll road in England is M16. Kenya can only be driving the wrong way in the wrong manner by privatising roads. A further extension to the existing road network and maintenance of the same can be easily and systematically be realised through the diligent collection of taxes from motorists, not knotty Public Private Partnerships PPPs deals. The excuse that the targeted roads will not be subjected to RMLF is just that, an excuse.

Toll roads, as currently constituted and intended, are discriminative and an impediment to freedom of movement, constitutional rights.

 Quick action is imperative since the Ministry of Roads & Infrastructure’ s meeting atSafari Park on 16th /17th November 2016  ratified toll roads and only swift decisive  act can reverse this.

 Acquire the yellow Ribbon and a NO TOLL ROADS Sticker for Ksh 100  (Till 992288) in support of our NO TOLL ROADS campaign. The money you contribute will support Court action, Picketing, peaceful protests, Stakeholder forums/Press Conferences (already did one, Saturday 13th November 2016, San Valencia, Anniversary Towers, NBI) petitions and extensive lobbying .Your transaction details will be required to get your Sticker and Yellow Ribbon.

The yellow Ribbon and NO TOLL ROADS MAK Sticker are available at SPINNERS WEB Westlands and other designated places country wide. Display them conspicuously on your vehicle as a loud proclamation of your PROTEST! UNITED WE STAND


MAK Office Communique 



Toll Roads are Public built


Toll roads are Fuel Levy  


Toll roads are Double Taxation


Toll roads are Discriminative


Toll roads are an impediment to freedom of movement


Toll roads are Regressive.


Toll roads by means of Private Public Partnerships are Corrupt


Toll roads Not public Roads


Toll Road? SGR is Mombasa-Nairobi Dual Road


Toll Road Not Naivasha-Nakuru; Dual with tax money.




We have been following with keen interest the unhealthy misunderstanding in the motor insurance industry over repair of accident vehicles and spare parts.  The quarrels are affecting service delivery in terms of the time these vehicles are repaired and the way the repairs are done. At MAK we are worried that the feuds are bad for vehicle owners as it does not only compromise road safety but also gives those who drive a raw deal.    

Motorists pay a fortune to the insurance companies expecting in exchange; prompt claim payments and high-quality repairs within garages in insurance company panels.

It is so dangerous when garages, as reported in the media, (Daily Nation Tuesday June 13) say that they cannot guarantee safety for accident vehicles they repair on basis of third party spare part supply. Garages are supposed to issue warranties for their repair jobs! The best practice which has been the case is where garages source for spares for their work so that they can be held responsible for failed parts. This won’t be the case where they cannot guarantee the type of supplied parts by the said parties.



Kenya National Highway Authority intention to reintroduce toll road is not only unacceptable but absurd. The idea of Toll roads was viable in Europe on the justification to build roads and bridges where there were none. Build Operate and Transfer was the spirit.  In Kenya we do things differently; there are already built roads and she has the capacity to build more. Yet the scheme to privatise some public roads seems to finally emerge. Privateers will, after the Safari Park PPP meeting revert our tax constructed highways to private property- for 30 years. This notwithstanding past bizarre experiences where public roads were illegally shut. 

The collusion to privatise public roads and road reserves are aimed at creating the mega business to well-connected merchants at the expense of the subservient Kenyan populace. Charging roads that are already built using public money is tantamount to robbing or snatching public utilities. The constitution advocates for freedom of movement and privatisation will curtail that right. There is no urgency in dualising Mombasa-Nairobi Road since most of the trucks are to be replaced by SGR waggons. From Nairobi to Naivasha congestion is not dire to require the urgent upgrade. From Nairobi towards Limuru, there are other alternatives which ease the Traffic that is Limuru Road, Uthiru Rironi and Southern Bypass. From Rironi the channels again are two that is Rironi Kinungi and Rironi Mai Mahiu. The section that urgently needs a dual road is Naivasha – Nakuru- and Nakuru – Mau Summit. This can be done in sections by normal tax payer’s money instead of giving out the only remaining public utilities to road merchants. The idea of building the better road for the well-healed minority is discriminatory and segregationist. As an association with membership with a deep interest in this issue, MAK wishes to demand that the government stops the unpopular retrogressive idea or do at own peril. Putting toll booths on already complete roads is a big no and motorists will never allow that to happen. The Road Maintenance Levy Fund which was doubled from Ksh 9 to Ks18 is sufficient to ensure all roads are in good condition. The arguments given by Principal Secretary during the Norfolk Hotel Stakeholders meeting organised by KENHA are not convincing.  Thus the excuse to charge a toll to maintain already built roads is unsellable.

The government must stop taking Kenyans for granted. 


Felix Wekesa- 

Communications Officer

Motorist Association of Kenya


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