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Heavy Rains Affect Transport in Nairobi & Mombasa

Mombasa & Mombasa towns have been flooding because of the heavy rains that continue to pour continuously. The cities poor drainage has been exposed. Those charged with the responsibility have tried to shift blame. In most instances it has been impossible for the vehicles and people to move.

Thika Road touted as the first motorway in Kenya has been flooding due poor drainage. Sino Hydro who are charged with its maintenance seem are yet to address the problem. Southlands have been renamed South Sea due hip deep water currents which turn the roads to rivers every time there is a downpour.  


As predicted by Oil companies Pump prices go up

Energy Regulatory Authority has increased Fuel prices for Nairobi as follows. Super Petrol - 92.89, Diesel - 79.34 up from Super Petrol 89.35 Diesel 77.48 an increase of 3.54 for petrol and 1.86 for diesel for 15 May - 14 June: 2015 


Road Drainage Systems Failure

 Well designed highway drains help keep surface water off the highway hence making it safe for motorists and other road users. Good drainage helps to maximise the lifespan of the road too as standing water can create pot holes. Lack of proper roadside drains, ponds, lagoons, and soakaways turn roads into rivers during rainy seasons. This year 2015 Nairobi has experienced flooding on the roads even the Thika Superhighway touted to the best example of other highways. Kenya civil engineers need to think of a redesign to the roads again. Cities in Euorope has more rain than Nairobi, yet roads there do not flood.

Tuesday May 12, 2015

As a motorists body, we are utterly disappointed by fuel marketers for hoarding fuel in anticipation of higher prices. We are actually puzzled by the callous act.

The multinationals seem to be creeping back to yester year’s malevolence of taking vehicle owners for granted. The widespread systematic failure to supply fuel to the needy motorists has not only badly inconvenienced drivers but has exposed them to mugging along the roadside at night after their vehicles stall.  Our patrol team confirmed the far-reaching problem where no fuel was found at Shell Roysambu and Shell Thome which is close to our offices. Our team also found Kobil Flyover near Kinungi and uplands Kobil petrol stations to be out of stock of the essential commodity last night.

We commend Total petrol stations, Gulf Oil and Astrol petrol stations for rescuing motorists from the distressful circumstances by providing adequate supply. We are also happy with the independent fuel stations for supplying motorists with fuel. As a reward, we therefore take this opportunity to advise motorists to support by buying fuel only from those who have not withheld fuel and punish the hoarders by boycotting their products. Motor vehicle owners should not be duped by public relation promotions by same brands.

Energy Regulatory Commission should take action against the petrol stations and ensure that National Oil Corporation of Kenya assumes its role of regulating the market.


Motorists Association of Kenya

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County Government of Nairobi & Ministry of Transport has converted 6 Roundabouts along Uhuru Highway. Evans Kidero and suspended CS Michael Kamau announced the drastic changes in a bid to make traffic flow after long time outcry by motorists. The governor and Eng. Kamau put together a task force comprising members from the Ministry, County Government, Kenya Urban Roads Authority as well as other consultants. This committee was tasked with finding quick wins as well as long-term solutions to the traffic menace.                                                                                Lusaka Roundabout entry to Langatta road has been blocked by concrete drums (now christened Kidero drums). This means traffic to Langata


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