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Budget deficit could be the motive behind the zeolous enforcement of speed limits. Faced with a bloated workforce, the authorities are exploring various tactics to raise funds. This could inform the heavy bails and fines for minor traffic offences. Roadside courts are now a countrywide feature. The instant fines inconvenience many drivers who end up trapped in prison vans and spending most of their working day at the checkpoints. 



The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) is mistaken in planning to inspect private vehicles. The plan to inspect private vehicles less than 4 years is unwise, subjective and lacks any basis.

All vehicles more than four years old will be required to undergo mandatory annual  inspections. This will make private car owners to queue with matatu, Lorries and other commercial vehicles which are required by law to undergo the same.

Motorist Association of Kenya believes that many traffic amendments are being done in haste without due process and requisite public debates and stakeholder input. All law should be in line with the new constitution not to infringe on freedom of movement.

Private business of hitherto government functions in present privatization frenzy is suspect.Private companies could take advantage of the rule for self profiteering detrimental to motorists.

Private vehicles percentage in accidents is less than 3% making them one of the safest road users. This is because private car owner maintain their own vehicles to safety standards and are known for courteous driving unlike many other sectors.

The government should clear its house first by maintaining roads which are in deplorable condition that are potholed narrow roads without even basic signage. After doing this they can present the matter for debate. As for now, this rule is uncalled for.

Motorists Association of Kenya is going to mobilize its members and vehicle owners in general to check and ensure that their basic motoring freedoms are not infringed on by public service agencies disguised in the mask of road safety. 



The county government of Nairobi will introduce public transport system to replace the chaotic Para matatu transport. The new system will be unveiled in July starting with a fleet of two hundred buses. The buses will earn the County government more than what it gets from parking fee paid by the matatu besides offering Nairobi residents an efficient transport system.


Kenya has signed an agreement with China on the financing for the construction of the standard gauge railway project joining the Port of Mombasa to Nairobi.
The railway will later extend to East African countries and the whole of Great Lake region. East African Heads of State witnessed the signing of the agreement.
This is one of the mega deals struck between Kenya and China during Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang's visit to the Country.


MAK Monitoring & Evaluation.
Upgrading of Upper Hill Roads Phase 1 to be completed in May, 2014 - According to Kenya Urban Road Authority. KURA
The Constructions of Upper Hill Roads is currently at physical progress of 38% and it is expected to be completed by 22nd May, 2014. The roads measuring 5.4km include; Hospital Road, Elgon Road, Kilimanjaro Road, Bunyala Road, Mara Road and Upper Hill Roads.
A section of Ole Sangale is also included in this project to ease Traffic. The contract awarded to m/s Mattan Contractors Ltd started in 23rd May, 2012 at the Cost of Kshs.2,002,892,599.00. The project is funded by the Government under Development fund


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Our Contacts

Motorists Association of Kenya

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