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By joining MAK you’ll not only have joined an emerging initiative synonymous with championing your motoring welfare, but you’ll become part of efforts to address issues bedeviling our roads.

Executive Summary

Motorist Association of Kenya is a registered entity in the republic of Kenya. It is founded on the need to represent the

interests of those who drive.


To revolutionize motoring in Kenya to the best benefits of MAK members.


To register all motorists countrywide, champion their rights, prioritise Road Safety, serve best interest and general welfare.

Core Values

Integrity - Teamwork - Quality - Customer Satisfaction

Organisation Policy

Achieve hassle free motoring for the Kenyan motorist


MAK is the official umbrella body for drivers and vehicle owners’ in Kenya.

Past Activities by MAK

MAK has undertaken Road Safety workshops for organized Transport groups. Recent examples are Umowa Sacco in Machakos, Githurai sand transporters, Machakos Sand Transporters Nairobi, Marigiti vegetable Transporters Et al.

MAK partners with the Police, Ministries of Roads and Transport, Kenya Private Sector Alliance(KEPSA), St John Ambulance on Road safety activities.

Motorists Association is the publisher of How to use Superhighway, Road Safety for Schools, Motorist Guide & Motorist News.

Subscribing Members receive benefit services such as MAK 24/7 Reliable Roadside Rescue Service (4Rs).

Entry Registration fee is Ksh. 500. Annual Subscription is Ksh 2 500, Club tickets start from Ksh. 100 to Ksh 1 000 and a very attractive package for corporate and business applicants.

MAK road rescue team is on standby 24/7 to attend to your roadside distress of any form. We offer for free advice on the best car deals in town plus off course precautions to take to avoid being a victim to fraudsters. We have compiled a list of garages and service points with above board repair services for your peace of mind countrywide. We offer membership packages which you can select from depending on your preferences, needs and taste.

Products available as more benefits to members

    • Reasonably priced vehicle valuation.
    Recovery services by our competent agents                                                                                
  • The Motorist News Magazine
  • Road Safety seminars
  • Driving Jobs
  • Defensive Driving
  • Fleet management
  • Special Discounts.

Representation Legal Advice, Traffic Law Clinics, Windscreen Sticker and Member Card, Regard with respect to sticker holding members, Regular up to date updates to keep members in the know.                                        ‘wise buy why pay more’. It is a shopping motorists' guide for competitive quotes and bargains listing service providers. The reduced offer is accorded exclusively to MAK Members.

Membership Categories

 Individual Member  Registration is Kes 500. Annual subscription is Kes 3000
Corporate Member Registration is Kes 5000 Annual discounted subscription per driver based on vehicle listing. 
Volunteer Member
Assists organisation in its advocacy activates for free or through sponsoring.
 Founder Members  Officials working selflessly for the organisation throughout since inception
 Business Member           Business people with interests in offering services & products to motorists.
Businesses wishing to benefit from MAK representation.



Our Contacts

Motorists Association of Kenya

P.O BOX 8120-00200

Tel: 0723 779950

Email: info@motoristassociationofkenya.com

Web: www.motoristassociationofkenya.com


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