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The government through her agencies NTSA and KENHA are mainly responsible for the road carnage in the country. This problem has been occasioned through years of negligence, wrong priorities, high state officers’ corruption, supporting lawlessness to some preferred transport subsectors and poor road design. As much as drivers have a role in the deadly road crashes, the situation would not have been dire if the state officials took their work seriously. Therefore, the careless lie that motorists are to blame alone does not hold water. Furthermore, the culture of lawless drivers has been caused by NTSA failure to stop the vice by not only licensing bad drivers but targeting only one section of road users in their lopsided enforcement. The agency most of the time is silent ignoring one subsector to be free to break the traffic code with unprecedented impunity. The other malady is the failure to license motorcycles riders. Since the agency took over road safety there has been a worrying disorder via untouchable drivers, loud whistling exhausts, loud horns, overlapping, driving towards oncoming traffic, carrying of standing passengers, rendering all fool proved Michuki Safety Rule's useless. The same required the public service vehicles and others users to strictly adhere to a set of conduct. The resultant negligence is the cause of the continuous astonishing road fatalities inflicting untold heartache on thousands of families who continue to lose their loved ones.

Greatest Culpability

The fish rots from the head. The buck stops with Cabinet Secretary James Macharia, Director General of NTSA Francis Meja and PS infrastructure John Mosonick. Their belated tough talking and promising action are a little bit too late since the lives are already lost due to negligence and closing the paddock while the horse has bolted is unforgivable. They are not fit to continue in the dockets with all that blood in their hands. It would be a great travesty and be underrating to Kenyan taxpayers intelligence.

Bad roads

Poor road design is a major cause of the problem. The untimely death of RIP Nyeri Governor Nderitu Gachagua most recent deaths of 200 innocent lives within 30 days is because of bad road design. The guardrail sapped serving the opposite purpose of safety. Drivers however poor in driving cannot cause crashes all the time only on one section of a road. Truck drivers coming from as far as Kampala and Mombasa cannot get mad only at Salgaa, Sagana, Mlima Q, Karai Kinungi or other bad roads. The signposted black spots are not, but bad designs.

It is ironical that the body mandated with road safety is actually achieving the opposite. (Road crash Deaths).The transport agency caused Karai 40 deaths by erecting unsigned and unmarked crude bump on a downhill just to save some jaywalkers encroaching on the road reserve for politics The offending bump still continue to wreak havoc going by the tarmac scratch marks and account of the area residents.


Disband NTSA and form a body comprising members from transport stakeholders known for vast knowledge of road safety.

Involve police who are well versed in road safety matters by virtue of attending to accident scenes.

Redesign all black spots and narrow road sections converting all highways to divided duo road with a concrete median strip where applicable.

Ensure only competent drivers are licensed to drive

Enforce traffic law without fear or favour.

Interdict all bribe taking NTSA and Police and replace with trained fresh officers

Change the transport

Remove the overlapping roles of two agencies purporting to enforce traffic law together, the cause of all the confusion. If traffic police are inefficient do away with the whole department but we cannot have ununiformed uninformed NTSA road marshals. One is usurping the role of the other.

Ban imposters masquerading as road safety experts for purposes of money minting at the expense of genuine road safety programs.

Last and not least, educate school children on good road safety ethics at an early age. If we educate about AIDS why not do the same fear the number one killer of young lives.

Our Contacts

Motorists Association of Kenya

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Tel: 0723 779950

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