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Revised Route at Major Roundabouts

The revised routes at major roundabouts

Signs will direct motorists on the new routes

Bollards will be used to block the closed turns.

There will be no right turn at the Westlands roundabout from Rhapta Road.

Drivers heading to the CBD from Rhapta Road will move along Waiyaki Way using the left turn to make a U turn near church road.

Those who want to get to Westlands can use Brookside Groove, School Lane or Pio Gama Pinto Road.

At the Bunyala Road roundabout, motorists from Upperhill Road will not make a right turn towards Mombasa.

They will move to Haile Selassie roundabout to get back to Mombasa Road.

From Bunyala, motorists will not make a right turn at the roundabout to town.

They will maintain the left turn and move along Uhuru Highway before making a turn at Lusaka roundabout.

From Langata Road will not make a right turn at Lusaka roundabout to Mombasa Road to access Mombasa Road upon moving to Bunyala roundabout and make a right turn.


MAK Reaction to CS/Governor Traffic Jam Solutions

We certainly appreciate renewed promises and plans made on 9th March 2015 joint statement by CS Transport & Governor Nairobi as an organization and a lobby identifiable with fighting for drivers and vehicles owners rights. We, however, feel obliged to react to ‘promises’ of the much awaited solutions to Nairobi everyday Traffic crisis gridlock. The move is ‘timely’ as motorists constantly seated in nerve wracking traffic jam lost hope long time ago in endurance.  The talk in social media and work places is proof of the dire situation. We therefore wish to state our solutions which we think were left out.

The Traffic Jam in Nairobi and other cities is a result of official neglect and lack of proper timely planning which the ministry in-charge is squarely to blame.  


Motorists Rights & Responsibilities Enhanced

We at Motorists Association welcome the move to stop Police officers from riding in private cars whose drivers are booked for minor traffic offences. Police officers have been demanding to ride in cars to report or book petty suspected offenders. This new law will ensure motorists enjoy more motoring rights which MAK has been advocating for. MAK also is lobbying for easier fair system of paying fines directly to Judiciary. The requirement for police to record details of drivers and vehicles for driver to report later will ensure man hours are not wasted. The law demands that police issue a Notice to Attend Court. kenya-police 2


Award for KeNHA & Police for Gilgil Weighbridge

Motorist association of Kenya recognise the integrity of government officials from KeNHA and Police working at Gilgil Weighbridge. It is heartenning to know there are officials who work for fairness and refuse to be intimindated by senior government officials. The law should apply to all equally. The video clip doing rounds on social media , which Hon Keter is seen at the Gigil Weighbridge demanding the police release a detained vehicle  accompanied by another MP identified as Sonia Birdi is shocking. We find the officers fit for an MAK Award of the best officers of the year 2015.                                       The intimidating words were. “We are the Government…the County commissioner, the OCPD has called but no one answered…what do you think you are?” 





Rights & Responsibilities Book

Know your Driver Rights and Responsibilities is an instruction guide book aimed at addressing the driving challenges faced by Kenyan motorists. Motorists in Kenya are faced with many traffic queries. The law enforcement agents that is the Police Service, National Transport and Safety Authority NTSA, County governments are zealous than ever to enforce traffic regulations. The crackdown most of the times catches motorists unawares. This Guide aims to address the aforesaid concern by keeping motorists informed and educated. Besides, this Guide is open to other guiding factors that may shed light on law and your constitutional rights in the motoring world. Motorists have fundamental rights spanning from constitutional, traffic and natural justice. In addition motorists have responsibilities (Do’s and Don’ts). Self regulation is not a vocabulary but a practice that has to be embraced by all to successfully combat disorder , accidents and penalties detrimental to the pocket. We don’t ,as road users ,need to be reminded by the police to drive within the law. Since the policeman can’t be everywhere all the time, self discipline ought to be an inborn reflex action. How do I fight a speed accusation or other traffic allegations which I feel are unfair? You don’t have to plead guilty when you know you are innocent. This Guide will give advice on the best way to successfully fight such challenges.

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Our Contacts

Motorists Association of Kenya

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