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Stay calm

The unfortunate fact of festive season travel is that you won’t always be able to avoid the traffic jams. So, it’s more than likely that you’ll find yourself in congested traffic more so over the weekend. If you do, remember a few traffic jam tips.

Most important again – stay calm. Traffic jams are infuriating, but getting angry or frustrated unfortunately won’t make the traffic move any more smoothly. Stay calm, keep your head, and you may even be able to find an alternative route to solve your jam woes.

Next, avoid major roads. Large artery intersections and main highways are going to be the most congested. Stick to the smaller routes. If you do have to take these sections, make sure to give yourself twice the amount of the usual travel time.

Book in advance

The very first thing you need to do is to plan ahead. If you haven’t already, book any flights that you need to take and reserve your seat. You may even be able to save a little money by planning ahead. Procrastination will cost you when it comes to holiday travel.



Kenya has today signed a Sh314.2 billion Mombasa-Nairobi railway deal with China at State House in Nairobi.

The first phase of the standard gauge railway project will cover 609.3 kilometers from the port of Mombasa to Nairobi and will cost $3.6 billion (Sh314.2 billion). 90 per cent of the financing will come from China Exim Bank while the remaining 10 per cent will be foot by Kenya,State House said in a statement.

During the signing ceremony that was witnessed by EAC presidents Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, Paul Kagame of Rwanda and Salva Kiir of South Sudan, Uhuru likened the sealing of the deal as a break from colonialism.


Unrealistic Speed Limits

At MAK we have a strong feeling that the government agencies should train their energy on mending their house before wasting it on regulating decent Kenyans.                                                                                                                         Speed limit signs should precede any arrest of motorists. This is the practice world over. They want drivers to excel where they have failed. We demand the harassment is stopped immediately until when the government is able to install road signs.

National Transport and Safety Authority is hastily making recommendations concerning motorists, some of them lack any basis and have not followed due process. Consultation of motorists through the Motorist Association has not happened. It is for this reason that some of the recommendations proposed are unpopular. While road safety should be a priority this does not give the NTSA reason to infringe on private motoring freedom so as to enrich a few companies whom the recommendations seem to favour.


Fuel Prices could cost more if Kenya Roads Board proposal to Treasury sail through

The Kenya Roads Board (KRB) has reportedly proposed to increase petroleum levy despite raking in 3 times more than it used to get in year 2000. KRB wants Treasury to allow them increase the Road Maintenance Levy Fund

Motorists pay many fuel taxes to mention but a few:- road maintenance levy, petroleum development levy, excise duty, Energy Regulatory Commission ERC. Margin, railway development levy, KPC, Vehicle owners pay Kes0.40 per litre to Petroleum Development Fund, Excise duty is Kes 10.31 per litre. Today the fuel levy costs motorists Kes 9 per litre. Other money collected into KRB kitty is Transit Goods Toll. The Road Agency has been toying with idea of Re- introducing Toll Stations but the idea seems unpopular with vehicle owners every time KRB floats the idea.



There is no question road maintenance is very important. However, it should be done in a shrewd manner in a bid not to destabilize the fragile Kenyan economy. The increase of fuel levy proposed by Kenya Roads Board will be counterproductive because it will skyrocket prices in vital sectors which in turn will create a sluggish economy. Instead of draconically raising the levy to 18 shillings per litre; A margin that will not hurt the economy should be used with a careful systematic process. Further, when it comes to any increase, there is a need to steadily raise the price of the fuel in a practical manner. As an association we cannot oppose a rational rise. An initial 2 shillings can collect the said billions considering hundreds thousands of litres consumed.

We know the government rakes enough revenue from increased fuel usage (greater than before vehicle ownership) through economies of scale which has more than doubled the intake since 2006. Vehicle owners and extension nation must not; consequently be burdened with this extra cost. The government should be prudent when it comes to the spending of the road money, fiscal discipline should be instilled as it has been done in Singapore. There are too many road agencies which in turn consume a lot of money annually through salaries and unnecessary noncore ventures. It is this money pilfering that should be choked-up and savings channeled to the maintenance of the roads


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Our Contacts

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