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Road Safety Campaign

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MAK calendar is quite busy with road safety training among top of the activities. We train the public with the help of the police. Currently, we are running a road safety training programme for primary and secondary schools students including school bus drivers.

Other beneficiaries are corporate and organised transport groups who benefit from our affiliate, Advanced Institute of Driver Education.

Seminars and Workshops.

M A K spearheaded Road Safety Program was launched on 5th April 2012 by MAK Officials and Senior Police Officers.

The training targets all categories of road users. Among notable activities is the schools road safety program which so far has benefited a good number of primary schools in Nairobi. Other forums are seminars with road users including, PSV owners and drivers, commercial transporters et al. It is the wish of MAK that no Kenyan suffers death or lifetime disabilities that could have been avoided. It is heartening to receive reports from schools which have had their pupils trained of increased road safety awareness.

The success attained would not have been possible without the immense collaboration with The Traffic Police Department. The department deploys officers who join the training panel.

Good example Thika Superhighway deaths have decreased because of the concerted efforts by Police, Roads Ministry and MAK. MAK has published a guide book for the new superhighway.

Road accidents are a great liability to Kenya. Police statistics paint a grim picture of carnage exceeding a conservative figure of 3,000 persons and over 10,000 serious injuries. It’s important to note that those that are killed or confined to wheelchairs and crutches are in their prime age.

At the end of the project it is hoped that road safety would have not only been embraced by all Kenyans in future but it will have significantly scaled down the number and/ or entirely eradicated deaths and casualties on our roads and highways.                                                                                                                                                                            Right intervention will see saving of lives, billions lost in smashed vehicles, huge hospital bills, and heartache for bereaved Kenyans. Young Kenyans dying needlessly is robbing the country human resources besides inflicting beyond repair heart ache to parents and families of the victims.

Join in the Campaign by observing the following:-

  • Simple distractions cause accidents. The most important thing to do while you're driving is to make sure that you limit any distractions. This way, you'll keep yourself, your loved ones and the other drivers on the road safe.
  • As drivers we have a moral obligation to help keep roads safer. By protecting ourselves and other road users. Tit- bits Avoid drink Driving- it reduces concentration – impairs proper brain interpretation.
  • Don’t over-speed. Over-speeding in wrong places (Built up Estates and streets) will land you in real trouble, even jail.
  • Overtake only when it is safe to do so.
  • Overtaking because the vehicle in front is doing so is very chancy.
  • Don’t overtake on continuous yellow line, junctions, or a long queue.
  • If in indecision do not overtake.
  • Wear safety belts whenever driving. Emergencies are unforeseen and sudden.
  • Fatigue for PSV and long distance drivers is known to cause accidents. Take enough rest.
  • Obey signs, Road Markings and Traffic Signals.
  • Give way to vehicles at roundabouts and T-Junctions to ensure continuous flow.

Our Contacts

Motorists Association of Kenya

P.O BOX 8120-00200

Tel: 0723 779950

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